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                                                         "Changing the world one bitcoin at a time"

Let us first start by saying that we are fascinated by Bitcoin. It is an amazing technology. Its beauty and reliability is in the fact that it is open source software and it is for the most part transparent. It is a powerful, continually evolving, and robust system with an extremely strong immune system since it has been exposed to hacks and all manner of other network issues from day one. Its security comes from the power of cryptography, its decentralized nature and the current state of insane computing power that is currently used to verify transactions. No single entity controls Bitcoin (much like no single entity controls the internet) and anyone who tries to do such a thing will not succeed. 
We believe most people do not currently understand well enough how it works to have confidence in it. It is still in the realm of the minority. We believe internet savvy people like us are more confident in buying it than the general public. This is the reason why we are publishing this information. On these pages is a guide on precisely what Bitcoin is, how to buy it and how to securely store it. 
The only thing you need to know if you don’t already know, is that spending and holding bitcoins is like using an online banking account. The difference is that while online banking may require more than just a password to spend, bitcoins can be spent with nothing else other than the bitcoin password (which is called the bitcoin private address or private key). In fact, it is IMPOSSIBLE for someone to spend bitcoins without the private address or private key. The Bitcoin private address is a series of capital and lowercase letters and numbers and when protected, is safe from everything that could otherwise make you lose your other forms of money such as governments confiscating or freezing accounts, hackers stealing your money, thieves breaking into your house or safe, you losing your cash wallet or anything else.
If you have a lot of bitcoins, or a high value worth of bitcoins, it is advisable to store your bitcoins in numerous bitcoin addresses rather than store all your coins at one single bitcoin address. This will limit your loss in the event that any single address is compromised.